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All members of the European Union Railway community, both large and small, are increasingly impacted by changes in EU regulations and funding policy. At its simplest, this influence can be felt most keenly through changes in procurement and type approval requirements for new vehicles and infrastructure.

But more and more suppliers and operators are choosing to play an active role in shaping European Union regulations, before they are enacted. This demands that the actors are well informed about the issues at stake, understand the decision-making process and can bring influence to bear by using working groups and the research and development programmes part-funded by the European Commission itself.

Foster Research Partners can help shape European Union transport policy in favour of rail by providing timely information about the issues at stake. This is achieved by knowing the precise points at which influence can be brought to bear in relation to product certification, environmental requirements and the harmonisation of telematics, for example.

Our clients include large multinational corporations, industry representative bodies and the European Commission. We have long-standing professional relationships with such prestigious clients because of our reputation of providing personal attention and a product that is tailored to meet their exacting requirements in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

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